Are you currently Data Protection Savvy? Do you understand what you need to do to keep your information secure?

 GDPR was only the beginning. Since 1997 everyone handling information and data has had a responsibility in law to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. This means you!

Unfortunately, it was in reality, very likely that you were told little (if anything) about this or your legal obligations in your training to become a therapist. Did you know that the Data Protection Act was updated last year (DPA2018), meaning there are now even more aspects of information handling you need to consider and adhere to, to comply with the current law? GDPR becoming fully enforceable in May 2018 was only the beginning in terms of how you have to handle information and data to achieve compliance with these laws. Did you know that breaches and non-compliance of these laws can land you with a large fine, an order to cease processing (so stopping you from doing your work) and even a jail sentence (in the most extreme cases)? You didn’t? Read on… In this introductory Data Protection and Cyber Security course, we have collated all the key information you need to know and consider during your day to day work to enable you comply with data protection rules and keep your and your clients information safe. A GDPR Specialist and a Cyber Psychotherapist Specialist with over 60 years experience of IT and Data Protection between them, take you through the fundamentals of data protection and cybersecurity, what you need to consider for yourself and your clients, and information on ways to achieve this, as it is much, much more than just knowing about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This is an introductory level course, suitable for all to take, no matter what your current level of knowledge and understanding of the current data protection laws in the UK and beyond, and will give you an outline of your responsibilities in law to your clients, with easy to understand and to relate back to your work examples and conversations. Upon completion of the course You will receive a discount code for the 'Privacy4 Therapists Standard’. This is a new information standard, being rolled out Spring/Summer 2019 to therapists as a method to ensure that they are achieving a higher, law abiding standard of information protection and handling, of both their client’s information and and their own. This standard is being introduced to help to ensure the ease of compliance with data laws for therapists, the safety of therapists and their practices and to gain more trust from the general public.


Data laws are always changing; To comply with the current law you need to understand what you need to do. This course gives you a high level understanding of aspects of information and data protection, and cyber security, and what you can do easily to ensure your compliance with the law. Using conversation and ‘real life’ examples, you’ll find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing with the various types of information you hold; both your own information and your client and what you need to implement in your day to day work processes to achieve compliance. Learning and implementing this will give you the knowledge to keep all your data safe and your practice compliant with the law. Further changes and laws are coming into force this year (2019); you will also be given an overview of this so you are ready and can implement change before the enforcement dates… How this course will help you in your therapy practice: * An introduction to Data Protection and Cybersecurity issues that may affect you and your practice * A discount for day training packages * Upon completion of the course, you will receive a discount code for the new Privacy4 therapists information standard Please Note: This course is only an introduction to data protection and cybersecurity. There is much more to this topic than only what is covered by this course. For more in depth information and training, the Day Training Courses may suit you.

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